LPM Services was established on the principle of providing businesses with timely, effective and professional maintenance solutions. We have built our reputation on a foundation of delivering our clients the best maintenance care for their properties.  We do this while keeping our clients’ corporate processes, budget constraints, and time requirements all front of mind. Our team of experts have nurtured this philosophy and deliver results accordingly. 

With decades of experience, our team has broad knowledge in all areas of property maintenance. LPM Services is equipped to handle everything from floods and fires, both natural and man-made, to explosions and structural damage. We have specific processes in place to strategically manage each situation quickly and effectively ensuring the property is restored to its full integrity. 

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Commercial Repair & Maintenance

For any service call or question please call us directly 24/7, at (413) 734-3116 or fill out the following form:


Main Office
Service Call: (413) 734-3116

191 Chestnut Street

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Tel: (413) 734-3116

Fax: (413) 781-1653

To apply for a job with LPM Services, LLC, please send a cover letter together with your resume to: info@lessardservices.com


Our Technicians:
  • On-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Possess diverse areas of expertise

  • Are equipped with service vehicles 24/7 to speed up response time in after-hours emergencies

  • Receive continuous training in job safety & accident prevention

  • Trained & knowledgeable on required processes of completing work orders

  • At all times maintains a professional appearance and behavior

Safety Guidelines

Safety is our number one priority at LPM Services. Each job is treated with strict security measures ensuring ‘liability consciousness’ at all times.


  • All technicians are Loss Prevention System (LPS) trained

  • Continuous LPS training is done to ensure best safety practices, and OSHA requirements are followed

  • American Petroleum Institute (API) advanced safety training completed by LPM techs

  • LPM techs are equipped with safety goggles, gloves, safety vests, safety cones, ear protection and any other required safety equipment

  • Techs are given and follow safety manual

  • All service vehicles are equipped with first aid kits and fire extinguishers


Our Office Staff
  • Customer Service Representatives are trained in dispatching work orders in a timely, efficient manner

  • Maintains a detailed tracking system for updating the status on open jobs

  • Ensures all lines of communication are transparent with every project

  • Invoices all projects promptly and can customize specific billing requirements to fit our client’s needs






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